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Paul St. John brings a wealth of experience in the development and management of commercial software for the international marketplace. At Andyne Computing Limited (now Hummingbird Communications Ltd.) Paul oversaw the development of the company's flagship product for data querying and reporting. Paul also serves as President and CEO of Improved Outcomes Software and has been an invited speaker to local educational institutions on software commercialization. Paul served as an adviser to the Technical Communications Program at St. Lawrence College.

Role: Defines the development of iGO’s technologies and the organization of the development team. Develops project plans and business strategies.


A professor at Queen’s University, Randy Ellis’ expertise spans Computing and Information Sciences, Mechanical Engineering, and Medicine. Randy has been inventing since his early twenties and has won awards for his innovations. In 1994, Randy conceived of a way to use computers to improve the safety and accuracy of orthopaedic surgery. Recognized internationally as a leading researcher in computer-assisted surgery, Randy is funded by the Canada Foundation for Innovation to lead the research program of Operating Room 2010, North America’s first multi-million dollar, multi-purpose computer-integrated operating room.

Role: Scientific and technical research and translating surgical objectives to software requirements.


David Pichora is the Head of Orthopaedic Surgery at Kingston General Hospital (KGH). He performs surgery at the hospital, teaches orthopaedics in the Department of Surgery at Queen’s University, and is a principal researcher with Queen’s Human Mobility Research Centre (HMRC). He pioneered the use of motion analysis techniques for documenting patterns of disease in upper extremities and performed the world’s first computer-assisted wrist re-alignment. Recognized nationally as a leader in orthopaedics and trauma management, David will be leading trauma and upper extremity surgical applications for Operating Room 2010.

Role: Coordinates surgical research and is actively involved in product specifications.


An orthopaedic surgeon at KGH, John Rudan also teaches orthopaedic surgery at Queen’s and is a principal researcher with Queen’s Human Mobility Research Centre (HMRC). John is recognized nationally as a leader in methods for total knee replacement and internationally for his contributions on numerous advisory panels for major orthopaedic implant manufacturers. A pioneer of computer-assisted surgical techniques, John performed the world’s first computer-assisted knee re-alignment at KGH in 1997. John will be leading computer-assisted surgical applications in repair and replacement of joints as well as in tumor biopsies for Operating Room 2010.

Role: Manages clinical trials and develops and refines clinical applications of iGO products.


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